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Why can’t I find the new episode in a good quality D= Where are you taking all those HD gifs from D=

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kuroshitsujis-things replied to your post: nighttime-tea-party said:The anon…

Or like in Death Note, its Light, but in Japanese is Raito.

Raito & Eru ♥ xD 

The anon meant to say that the japanese spelling is リヴァイ, which could be interpretet as Levi, Rivai (which would be the literal transliteration) and Rivaille. And the japanese ship names are エレリ(Ereri)/リレン(Riren), which aren't real words to be transcribed into roman letters, so they just sticked with the literal transcriptions of the ship names. It's like calling sebaciel "sebashie", which would be the japanese ship name transcribed into roman letters.

yeah, exactly, or sebashieru xDD

Edit: I know what they meant, but the name is canonically Levi, the pronunciation doesn’t really matter, Levi is not a Japanese name and SnK doesn’t take place in Japan, so it should stay Levi, not Rivai. You don’t say “ravu”, but “love” when you are talking in English, so Ereri/Eruri sounds just as wrong to me D=

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Do you think the two Ciel theory might be revealed when Kelvin and Ciel have their flashbacks in the anime? ~Tsuki

No, I don’t think so, because it didn’t happen in the manga yet and the Circus arc was like 40-50 chapter ago.

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The "ri" in ereri/riren actually comes from the Japanese spelling of Levi's name, "Rivai". Not the incorrect romanization of his name. Most snk ships are referred to by their Japanese spellings.

Yeah, but it’s not right? It’s Levi, not Rivai D=

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Two-Ciels-Theory is really cool. Did you find every single hint on your own?? If you did, that is some work! It will be amazing if this theory is true. How Yana was able to hide this truth until now.

No, I didn’t, most of the hints have been discussed on bb.net ^^ I also think it’s a cool theory =D Really interesting, I love plot twists.

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Wow, the Two-Ciels-Theory exists for 3 years now, but everybody decided to start talking about it yesterday and now people wanna leave the fandom Oo Even if it’s true, Ciel ist still the same person we love, same little shit, the only thing that would change is his name, but nobody except Sebastian and probably Lizzy know that, and even so, everybody will still call him “Ciel” so wtf exactly is your problem? Do you like the name “Ciel” soo much, that you would abandon a fandom and a great manga, because the main character happened to have a brother and another name?

nighttime-tea-party replied to your post: I am obviously a supporter of the Two …

I kinda always just assumed that Sebastian just doesn’t have a real name. Maybe demons don’t have names. But YEAH the invalid ship name is bothering me as well haha

Yes, I also had the same idea. I doubt demons have parents or friends, who would give them a name, animals also don’t need names, it’s only humans who do…

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